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IXD Sessions Singapore

Speaker: Brian Flanagan (New Context, HyperTiny)
Date: 25 July, 2012
Time: 9:00am to 10:00am (30-40 minutes session and 10-20 mins discussion)
Venue: New Context (2nd floor)
53A Craig Road,
089691 Singapore 

This is a "morning coffee + short talk" format and it compliments the discussions at IXD Sessions better than an evening meetup. As the sessions are only 1 hour, we would appreciate if you are there 5 minutes ahead of time as there won't be much scope for delays.

Agnes Lim
Ahmed Amanatullah
Alan Yeo
Aman Sandhu
An Nguyen
Andy Croll
Ben Eng
Bjorn Lee
Chiew Mei Lim
Clement Tan
Deric Yeak
Douglas Quek
Emil Purugganan
Gary Chin
Gobbs Lim
Hui Sheng Lim
Hui Yee Lee
Ilmo Chung
Jared Sim
Jaryl Sim
Jazz Li
Jo Mendoza
Joseph Schaible
Josephine Leow
Joyce Huang
Kelvin Tham
Kerry Reutens
Khalid Nobani
Ling Ling Ng
Mattias Wiking
Menaka Chandrasekhar
Mohammed Pitolwala
Monica Zhuang
Natalie Copuroglu
Natalie M
Nav Pawera
Nic Leo
Nicole Marinho
Pin Sym Foong
Prashant Nadarajan
Rudi Lim
Ruth Ho
Sayanee Basu
Sebastiaan Deckers
Shah W
Stephanie Phua
Terrence Ngu
Thye Chuan Tan
Tracy Wong
Veronica Ng
Vicki Lew
Vince Chew
Vindana Warusavithana
Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar
Wacdany Rojas
William Arya
Wolfgang Maehr
Xiao Hui Low
Zishuang Cheng